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Health & Employee Benefits

Health & Employee Benefits

Solutions to accommodate better Health & Employee Benefits

It’s no secret that talent is key to any great business, but how do you find the right balance? With HWI’s custom Health & Employee Benefits programs, it’s easy to keep your team’s talent a priority.

As an employer, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of your employees. Insurance coverage is an effective way to fulfil your social responsibility and comply with regulatory requirements. The most common types of coverage include occupational illness and/or accident, death due to such accident and/or occupational illness, and disability caused by these factors.

Our team of experts will ensure that your employees have access to these benefits, and their coverage will be updated according to any changes in funds or other modifications that may be challenging to track.


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Flexible Remuneration

Health insurance as a social benefit or flexible remuneration can benefit both the employee and the company. We can negotiate advantageous prices from insurance companies, allowing us to offer your staff more affordable options than they would receive as private customers. Employees can also enjoy tax advantages and the option to include their spouse and children as insured, providing peace of mind that their family is protected.

This benefit can also help the company gain a competitive advantage in retaining talent, promoting employee well-being, and reducing absenteeism. Other benefits, such as transport cards, restaurant cards, and childcare vouchers, can also be added to this wage increase.


Flexible Remuneration Projects

We’ve created the ideal IT tool to handle compensation plans – Temis Online.  Along with our expertise, we will advise during the implementation process: from design, communication, to go-live and integrated management scheme.

Our user-friendly tool allows you to manage a flexible compensation plan; this will help increase your key people’s engagement and retention rate. It helps to reconcile a personal and professional life, which can have a noticeable impact on your savings.

You can also use our tool to implement salary increases without the worry of additional salary costs.

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