Insurance Solutions for the Aviation Industry

HWI provides tailored insurance coverage for professionals in the aviation and aerospace industries. Whether you operate drones or aircraft, our comprehensive insurance solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Our coverage extends to various aspects, including facilities, structures, equipment, and damage. We also cater to Handling and self-handling companies, ensuring a holistic approach to your insurance requirements.

Key insurance features include:

  • Aircraft and Drone Damage Coverage: Our policies encompass damage during flight, at rest, and during runway transit, offering comprehensive protection for your valuable assets.
  • Civil Liability Insurance: Protect yourself against potential legal and financial ramifications with our robust Civil Liability coverage.
  • Workshops and Facilities Insurance: We provide insurance for workshops and other facilities, addressing a range of risks. Our coverage extends to Ancillary Services Liability, offering a complete safeguard for your operations.

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