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Our team specialises in marine risks and offers personalised, competitive services, qualities that are often overlooked in the maritime insurance market.

Our services extend to national and international territories, and we provide coverage for goods by land, sea, and air or in combination. We even protect goods during stowing and unstowing. Our clients can choose from fixed premium, floating, fixed-floating, or temporary insurance options.

The benefits of having these insurances are numerous:

  • Peace of mind: Having the certainty of solid cover reduces stress and worry about possible loss or damage to goods.
  • Financial protection: In the event of a loss, the insurance will cover the costs of repair, replacement or compensation for losses, preventing the cargo owner from bearing these costs directly.
  • Confidence: Having transport insurance is an indicator of confidence for customers and business partners, as it shows that measures are being taken to ensure the safety of cargo.

We are leaders. Our access to the global market combined with our expertise in all marine disciplines means that our clients benefit locally from our global experience as well as our international presence. Our team of specialist professionals is able to offer our clients differentiated, competitive and personalised services, three qualities that are often forgotten in the fast-changing marine insurance market.

Terrestrial insurance cover

Land transport plays a vital role in global trade and the global economy. However, it is not exempt from risks and potential unforeseen events affecting transport companies and cargo owners. That is why land transport insurance is essential to protect goods and ensure their safety throughout the transport process.

We will cover the risks of transporting goods by road, rail or inland waterway. These insurances provide coverage in case of loss, damage or theft that may occur during cargo movement from the point of origin to its final destination.

Road transport insurance provides several benefits for transport companies and cargo owners.


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