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Credit Insurance & Surety

Credit insurance (also known as trade credit insurance or export credit insurance) is an insurance policy and a risk management product that provides cover for risks arising from a contract for the export of goods and services or an investment project.

We work with surety companies to provide lines of credit to guarantee payment of any claim.

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Credit Insurance

Why take out credit insurance?

Prevention: You will “monitor” your customers and track their debt ratio through risk analysis.
Indemnification: The insurer will indemnify for losses suffered upon the debtor’s insolvency.

Recovery: The non-payment activates the mechanisms for the recovery of the credits that have not been collected, with the insurer carrying out the procedures, assuming the costs and management to recover the debt.

Political risks, obtain coverage as a Spanish company that invests abroad through the creation of a foreign company; the total or partial acquisition of an existing foreign company; or participation in the capital increase of the foreign company or in its equity. The risks of expropriation, confiscation, nationalisation, etc., political violence, transfer and lack of convertibility, or non-fulfilment of commitments by foreign public authorities/entities are covered. Insure risks during the construction or execution phase as a consequence of:

  • Work risk: termination of contract, refusal to certify, non-payment of certifications, non-payment of credit (deferred payment)
  • Risk of seizure or non-repatriation of the machinery pool.
  • Risk of failure to transfer working capital to Spain. Non-payment of an export contract or unjustified termination of a contract: obtaining financing by discounting the collection rights of a contract. It can designate the discounting bank as beneficiary, transferring to it the right to receive compensation in the event of non-payment.
  • Risks arising from civil works operations: Works Insurance for companies that carry out operations in the provision of services (construction works or works, assemblies, etc.) abroad”.
Commercial Insurance


Forget about the costs and formalities of bank guarantees and replace them with our Surety cover.

In the event of non-compliance with the legal or contractual obligations on the part of the policyholder, the insurance company will be obliged to compensate the insured person by way of compensation or penalty for the financial damage suffered within the limits established by law or in the contract.

What does it achieve?

  1. It transfers the risk to a third party (the insurance company).
  2. The premium shall be considered as expenditure.
  3. Improves the company’s financial image due to lower financial leverage and debt reduction, increasing credit capacity because it is not included in CIRBE.
  4. Increase the comfort of customers, suppliers and/or public administrations by improving the assessment of business finances.
  5. Absence of economic pledges
  6. Lower costs
  7. No study fees, no opening fees”.

When is it useful

  1. Tax Deferral.
  2. Subsidies and Concessions vis-à-vis the Administration.
  3. International Surety
  4. Airport and Customs Fees
  5. Technical Guarantees: Tender and execution, maintenance, stockpiling of Materials, advance payments and/or guarantee of retentions.

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