Commercial Insurance


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Construction & Erection

The construction industry can be challenging and demanding. Our approach involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of your activities, contracts, parties involved, and varying insurance requirements....

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Credit & Surety

Credit insurance (also known as trade credit insurance or export credit insurance) is an insurance policy and a risk management product that provides cover for...

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Cyber Insurance

At HWI, we offer cyber insurance to help you have the best protection. Our insurance covers claims in which you are legally responsible for a...

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Loss of Profit

When a company or business suffers a loss, it causes apparent damage and leads to long-term economic losses. These losses can result in a loss...

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Machinery Breakdown

Machinery breakdown insurance is designed to protect businesses and owners of industrial machinery against the risks of damage or breakdown of their equipment during normal...

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Property Damage

Insurance for damage to the facilities of factories, shops, and warehouses is essential for businesses of any size, whether large, SMEs, or small. This insurance...

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Third Party Liability

It’s important to understand that no one is immune to making mistakes or oversights that could potentially harm others in the course of conducting business....

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