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Terrorism & Political Violence

Terrorism and Political Violence

Global capacity to insure Terrorism and Political Violence risks

Terrorism and Political Violence Insurance is a complex area of insurance that requires a Lloyd’s broker’s expertise to offer bespoke cover.

As Lloyd’s broker we have access to global capacity through our network of specialist brokers and can leverage our extensive knowledge and long-standing relationships to meet your individual requirements.

We offer access to the Lloyd’s, London and Global Markets for all Political Violence risks (Insurance or Reinsurance).

We have facilities in place to offer Fast and Competitive terms and we always look for innovative solutions to meet your needs.

  • Material damage to Insured Assets and subsequent Business Interruption following
  • Attacks resulting from Terrorism & Sabotage
  • Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage
  • Insurrection, Revolution, Rebellion
  • Mutiny, Coup d’état
  • Civil War, War
  • Counter Insurgency
  • Cyber Write-back
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Additional Cover

In addition to the general coverages listed above, HWI offers Terrorism and Political Violence coverages for the following:

  • Active Shooter / Active Assailant
    Coverage for Damage, Liability and Business Interruption following a malicious physical attack using a weapon (including handheld instruments and vehicles).
  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological coverage (NCBR)
    Coverage for Damage, Business Interruption, Liabilities and clean-up following a NCBR event.
  • Loss of Attraction
    Coverage for financial protection following Terrorist event. Coverage is flexible to suit a client’s needs and can include Government lockdown following a Terrorist act.
  • Threat
    Coverage for Business Interruption due to Threat (or Hoax) of a Terrorism attack.
  • Terrorism Liability
    Coverage for financial costs to a company against claims for damages by third parties or employees who are injured in a terrorist attack, coverage can extend to third party property damage.
  • Facilities / Binders
    Arranging Binders or Hybrid Facultative facilities as a cost-effective alternative to traditional Treaty products.

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