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Cargo & Logistics Insurance Solutions

The continuous growth of global trade has increased the scale and complexity of the risks associated with a single shipment. HWI’s Marine Cargo policies are designed to provide comprehensive protection for companies with increased exposure to trade-related risks.

Our team can offer you bespoke insurance solutions, which include coverage for cargo, marine war, war on land, strikes and terrorism risks as well as liabilities.

We have a dedicated team of marine specialists with significant experience in arranging comprehensive insurance solutions for any type of cargo/transit risk.


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Cover for all types of Cargo

Our experience and extensive relationships with the insurance market mean that we can cater for all kinds of risks associated with international shipments, including cargo and stock throughput policies.

This includes all types of cargo and related risks such as:

  • war on land
  • strikes and terrorism
  • liabilities
  • custom insurance policies.

We handle all types of cargo and product lines including, but not limited to:

  • Global Stock Throughput Policies (Inventory/Storage Risks)
  • Agribusiness
  • Chemical/Pharma
  • Commodity Trader Risks
  • Oil and Products
  • Industrial Metals
  • Precious/Rare Metals
  • Retail Trade Industry
  • Marine Consequential loss (project business interruption)
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