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HWI will help you design a Cyber insurance policy to protect you or your clients’ business where they are at their most vulnerable.

Cyber-attacks are one of the fastest-growing threats to modern businesses, with billions of attempts by hackers every year, and many organisations are now a target for cybercriminals with motives of financial gain via theft of confidential information or money.

Dealing with a Cyber-attack

From ransomware to phishing, targeted hacks, malware, or IP theft, the cyber threats to every business continue to grow in number and complexity. Many breaches occur by exploiting vulnerabilities in the IT system, and in some cases go undetected for months. Whatever the cause may be, any failure to deal effectively with a cyber threat, or attack, could lead to significant financial damage as well as long term reputational harm – regardless of the size of the company. Cyber is a risk that organisations face by virtue of their reliance on IT, Remote Connections and Automated Processes.

At HWI we have a team of experts ready to help businesses of all sizes. We look to offer a wide range of solutions and services, made to fit your client’s requirements – these can be off-the-shelf cyber policies for SMEs to the more complex “bespoke/ tailor-made” solutions for large corporates.

The team here at HWI offer Cyber Insurance cover that is tailored to each organisation’s needs.


Some of the coverage available

  • 24/7 access to IT Data breach/Legal experts and Public Relations advisers (to provide support in the event of an actual or suspected Cyber Incident
    – rapid response to an incident is essential to mitigate losses and potential litigation from third parties)
  • Support in complying with Data Protection Legislation and Notification obligations following a data breach
  • Access to specialist ransom and extortion advisors
  • Access to cyber risk management tools
  • Legal liability as a result of a Breach of Personal Data / Confidential information
  • Financial loss following a Social Engineering attack such as phishing scams
  • Inadvertent breach of intellectual property rights via Cybermedia
  • Physical damage and subsequent loss of profits caused by a cyber incident
  • Gap coverage, covering a gap in cover where a commercial insurance policy has a cyber exclusion (applicable to Property, Marine and Terrorism policies)

Who can benefit from a Cyber Insurance?

Your client could benefit from buying Cyber Insurance if they:

  • Send or receive documents electronically
  • Communicate with customers or other outside parties via email, text messages, or social media
  • Store third-party information on a computer network that may be considered sensitive or private, such as an individual’s -Identity, Tax Information, Income, Address, National Insurance Number and/or Credit Card Numbers and Bank Account Details
  • Store confidential company information (e.g., tax documents, sales or marketing figures or projections, trade secrets) on a computer network
  • Advertise company services or products via a website or social media

Why work with us?

  • Access to the London, European and North American Market offering significant capacity
  • Wrap around cover when Commercial policies exclude Cyber (thereby creating a potential shortfall in coverage)
  • Experience in placing Open market, Facultative or Binder business
  • Follow form when placing Fac Reinsurance on behalf of Insurers
  • Fast Turnaround with acknowledgement to client within 24 hours and early details of information required by underwriters
  • Full progress updates throughout the quoting phase
  • Innovative solutions for individual client needs including coverage for “spoofing” on Marine policies

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