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Commercial insurance products protect your business from unexpected events that occur during daily operations.

This includes insurance coverage for the financial costs that are linked with unforeseen events such as damage caused to third parties, claims of professional negligence or faulty products.

HWI offers industry-specific insurance and risk management solutions.


Our Solutions

Commercial Casualty

Commercial casualty insurance, also known as Third Party, provides coverage if your business is legally responsible for another person’s injuries or property damages. HWI can...

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Commercial Crime Insurance

HWI can consult you on your Commercial Crime Insurance policy to help you avoid the unwanted consequences of commercial crime. Most business owners rely on...

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Surety Bond

Commercial Surety Bonds

Commercial surety bonds can be used to guarantee the performance of contractual obligations imposed on an insured by third parties, such as a municipality, court,...

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Cyber & Data Insurance

Risk management advice and consultation on cyber insurance

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Jewellers Block

Jewelers Block Insurance provides coverage for loss of or damage to stock of jewelry of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and collectors. We offer coverage to protect...

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Management Liability

Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability Insurance protects your business from the liabilities of management. This type of insurance provides protection from losses arising out of wrongful acts committed...

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Product Recall

Product recall insurance is an essential form of protection for any business that manufactures or distributes products.

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Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance is an invaluable tool that can ensure you receive payment for your products and services. When you buy from overseas vendors, the...

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Travel Accident Insurance

Do your employees travel on business? If so, you may want to consider purchasing Business Travel Accident Insurance. This is an extremely valuable benefit that...

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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is required by law for any business that employs a workforce and forms an important part of any company’s safety measures. If your...

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