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No matter which car you’re driving, it’s important that you have the right insurance policy to protect it in the event of an accident. Classic car insurance can help you protect your prized vehicle from theft, vandalism and natural disasters, as well as cover medical costs and property damage.

HWI have access to a wide range of insurance carriers and can provide comprehensive and affordable classic car and auto insurance to protect you and your valued vehicle.

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Collector Car

Classic Car Insurance

Nothing feels better than enjoying a sunny day and taking your classic car onto the road.

You’ve spent a lot of time getting your classic car ready. You know exactly where to go if you need to restore certain parts; you also know which products you need to clean your vehicle and have even found a dry garage to store your classic car throughout the winter months.

The only thing you are worried about is insurance.

Specialist Insurance Broker

That’s why you need to reach out to a specialist insurance broker who knows which special care and attention are necessary for a classic car.

The HWI team can help you find the right insurance cover that is suitable for your classic car. Some of the provisions we can add to a classic car insurance policy are:

  • guaranteed/agreed value (a pre-agreed minimum pay-out value of your classic car)
  • spare parts coverage (insurance for spare parts, even if they are not part of your car)
  • salvage (if your car cannot be repaired, you may be eligible to receive the agreed value)
  • Vehicle under construction (cover during the restoration of your vehicle)

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