Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management

When properly assessed and treated, risk is an opportunity we can eliminate.

Going beyond the risk transfer solution, your HWI team will further impact your business through a risk management lens.

In simple terms, this means identifying, assessing and treating risks to your business. We seek solutions to reduce your risk exposures from staying current on the changing risk landscape and assisting in communicating a risk-aware culture – to the complex building of supply chain strategy and business continuity planning.

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Cyber Risk

Businesses must stay up to date on the evolving threats to their IT infrastructure and data as well as their duty to privacy and compliance.

While the constant stream of information on cyber risks can be overwhelming, HWI is here to assists – from employee resources, tool kits and assessment tools; to the varied and evolving risk transfer and insurance solutions, we can help you stay protected.


Fleet Management

Operating in the transportation industry requires an enormous amount of risk management strategy as well as coordination and record-keeping. HWI offers fleet risk management insurance solutions to protect your fleet.


Managing the risks of your Supply Chain

Understanding, assessing, managing and engaging supply chain partners and insurers can minimize supply chain risk. Hugh Wood Canada can help you to successfully manage your business’s risk from beginning to end of the supply chain.


Business Continuity Planning

Businesses must take the necessary precautions before catastrophe strikes. That’s where a good business continuity plan comes in.

Business continuity is an involved process and can be difficult to fully grasp. Moreover, the perfect business continuity plan means nothing if it isn’t properly communicated and maintained. HWI Canada has you covered: from informational videos and relevant articles, you’ll gain a new understanding of the importance of business continuity; using our expertise and tool-kits you can create your own BCP and be prepared!

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