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Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation is required by law for any business that employs a workforce and forms an important part of any company’s safety measures.

If your employees are injured while on the job, it provides them with benefits until they can return to work and ensures your business can meet its legal obligations.

Custom Insurance Policy

We partner with leading insurance firms to offer you a range of options that make sense for your business and offer consultation on state regulations to make sure you’re in compliance with the law.

This means, that we can offer you a comprehensive insurance policy that will protect you, as well as your employees, against any risks that may come into play when operating a business. We’ll help you select the workers’ compensation insurance that best fits your needs.

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Protection from lawsuits

Workers’ compensation has dual purposes; it assures that an injured worker receives medical care and compensation for a portion of the income they lose while they are unable to return to work.

It also protects employers from lawsuits that an injured worker may file against their employer. Once an employee has received worker’s compensation, they are no longer entitled to sue your company for damages.


Types of insurance plans

There are several types of workers’ compensation policies, including state fund workers’ comp plans and workers’ comp plans from insurance companies. State fund plans are funded by employers who pay based on the size of their workforce.

Insurance plans, on the other hand, are offered by private companies. These plans are typically more flexible and come with additional benefits at an additional cost. HWI can advise your company on getting the right protection.

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