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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Insurance Solutions for Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology reached global recognition in 2018, yet it is still met with its fair share of apprehension in the insurance market. At HWI, we are dedicated to advocating for our partners, especially in this highly specialized industry.

The team at HWI understands the power and intricacies of Blockchain technology. With our years of experience and specializations in the Technology & IoT sectors, we have developed the market access and international footprint to design, secure, and deliver on your insurance solutions no matter how complex.

Blockchain Technology will soon be one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. The innovative development of Blockchain solutions, and open-source tools, will seamlessly change how Business-to-Business collaborations occur and transact by making operations faster and far more efficient.

To be at the forefront of this emerging market, you need a team with specialized knowledge to address this innovative sector’s unique insurance needs.

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Our team understands the complexities of this industry, we understand how to converse effectively with both domestic and foreign markets, and we know how to tailor the insurance program that meets your needs.

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Our offices are strategically placed across Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia to give you the local representation and expertise that you need, but the global perspective and experience you require. Moreover, with direct access to Lloyd’s markets in London, we can provide coverage unavailable in other locations and the capacity to address some of the tougher challenges faced globally.

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Owners and Investors

As investors in a brand new and revolutionary market, your insurance needs not only have to provide asset and revenue protection for you and your board of directors, but also protect your investments from the initial start-up, to established and throughout the growth of your business. Our Team understand how to converse effectively with your other advisors and how to arrange an insurance program that meets your needs.

Our Expertise

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Although cryptocurrency presents a number of interesting challenges for insurers, such as valuation of coins & tokens, theft of hot and cold wallets, and business interruption values for miners, HWI has the expertise and market reach to explore coverage options.

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Crypto Funds & Exchanges

Bringing crypto exposure to investors requires expertise, experience and access to the right markets


We can offer the following cover

  • General Liability
  • Property (Commercial and Home)
  • Directors & Officers Liability (Public and Private)
  • Crime
  • Financial Institution Bonds
  • Errors and Omissions Liability
  • Cyber

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