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Special lines insurance for Dealers

HWI offers specialist commercial art dealer insurance solutions to businesses in the Fine Art industry.

Our brokers have vast experience and knowledge in the Fine Art industry, ensuring that you have the correct insurance to cover damages.

There are many risks and perils that need to be considered for the various exposures of your organization. However, due to our collaboration with various insurance carriers worldwide, we can find the right insurance coverage for your business.

Insurance coverage

Our team can help you find the best level of insurance for your business. Coupled with our industry knowledge, we can create strategies that deliver the best benefits and coverage to your business at a competitive price.

Whether you need general liability, workers’ compensation, or commercial auto insurance, we can find the right policy to suit your needs.

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We can provide insurance solutions for:

  • Depositories & Refineries
  • Wine & Wine Storage
  • Grading Houses
  • Shippers/Packers, Appraisers
  • Expertisers
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Exhibition Organizers (Special Event Insurance)
  • Book Dealers

Why work with HWI?

Global network


Our global advantage and diverse client base allow us to partner with the best insurers in the business.

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20+ Years of experience

HWI has more than 20 years of experience offering commercial art insurance to the Fine Art Industry. We offer expert advice and have built a well-deserved reputation as an insurance broker for dealers of special lines.

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Bespoke policy

Our team has a wealth of experience and makes sure we know your business and insurance needs. From this, we can offer specialist dealers, retailers, and auctioneers a bespoke insurance policy.

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