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Gold, Bullion & other Precious Metals Dealers and Depositories

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Insurance solutions Gold, Bullion and other precious Metals Dealers and Depositories

As a precious metal dealer, owner of a depository, refinery, and recycling facility, you face unique challenges.

Your business is exposed to more complex premises risks and often deals with high-value items. Moreover, your organization faces increasing challenges over shipping and delivering products cost-effectively.

This industry is generally part of a more complex product chain; and faces broader risks than the often simplistic “theft” models considered, so risk management and risk identification are essential.

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Specialist insurance solutions

We help build your risk mitigation strategy and select both the insurance and risk retention appropriate for your business.
As specialists in this area, we can help with your stock and your management liabilities.

Our specialist solutions include:

  • crime and cyber insurance
  • business interruption insurance
  • other conventional property and casualty risks

We also assist in seeking the best workers’ compensation solutions for higher-risk areas. Specialist coverages such as armed guard liability and credit insurance often form part of our holistic approach.

We believe in working in partnership and bring all of our experience and industry knowledge to the table when finding you a solution.

Why work with HWI?

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30+ years of experience

With thirty years' experience and clients in this sector in many countries, we have become a risk management resource for this class of business.

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Industry experts

Our team regularly presents on risk management topics at industry events and we are considered one of the foremost authorities in helping clients develop risk management plans.

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Holistic approach

We talk to clients about their total cost of risk, and not just their insurance premium, so we can work in a collaborative fashion to build a plan to include risk retention, risk mitigation, and risk transfer to create a long-lasting solution.


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