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Commercial Casualty Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Casualty Insurance

Commercial casualty insurance, also known as Third Party, provides coverage if your business is legally responsible for another person’s injuries or property damages.

HWI can provide you with comprehensive coverage and can accommodate expert advice on insurance limits and policy wordings.

Casualty risk exposures

In addition to advising you on casualty insurance, we can also streamline your business’s insurance program administration and provide expert advice on limiting your risk exposures.

Our team of experts offers a tailor-made insurance solution to protect your business. Whether you need protection for property, people, or assets, we have the experience, expertise, and global resources available to deliver on all your commercial insurance needs.

Global network

HWI’s commercial casualty insurance program is based on a long-term relationship with many experienced underwriters and insurance carriers. Due to our global network, we can offer you competitive insurance premiums.

Our team has the expertise to create a Casualty Insurance Program that fits your business’ insurable exposures, that provides sufficient limits of liability protection to enable you to carry on conducting your business.

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