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HWI offers a wide range of insurance solutions for dealers of Fine Art, Antiques, and Collectible Dealers.

We understand the complexities of working in a specialist sector and are committed to providing you with practical insurance advice to safeguard your art dealer business.

Forty years of experience

We have been working with businesses in the art & antique sector worldwide for over 40 years. We, therefore, know the market and have a clear understanding of your requirements. Our range of products is designed specifically for art dealers, retailers, auction houses, and museums in this sector.

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We offer coverage solutions for:

Exposures worldwide for inventory both owned and on consignment to dealers:

  • At exhibitions
  • At fairs
  • Trade shows
  • While on approval
  • During travel
  • While located at other locations

We can also include coverage for research libraries pertinent to the profession.

Our Fine Art professionals are here to take care of you. We can provide certificates of insurance, ensure compliance with security standards, and help you review consignment agreements. We can also review your policy requirements and identify whether any other types of insurance may be necessary.


A full review of your fine art insurance coverage

We take pride in getting to know your business and reviewing your insurance needs. Our fine art insurance specialists will work with you to understand your business needs, support you in managing your risks and liaise with leading insurance companies so that we can create a tailored policy that suits your requirements.

In our line of work, we’re well acquainted with the challenges and unique requirements of insuring high-value items.  Whether you’re planning an auction or an exhibition, showcasing new items, or importing from overseas, we have insurance policies for a variety of business needs.

To find out more about your coverage options and the specific needs that we can address, please get in touch with one of our experienced brokers.


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