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Supply Chain Insurance

You can’t predict what challenges your supply chain may face. Whether you’re looking to guard against theft, comply with local regulations, or mitigate risk in any other way.

The globalization of the business environment has created new risks to the production process and has made us more aware of exposures to the supply chain.

We understand the challenges brought about by globalization and can help you navigate them to protect your business. For this reason, our supply chain insurance services include risk management, consulting, and placement expertise, as well as an understanding of the physical distribution environment.

Global supply chain insurance expertise

HWI have a global reach and work with clients all over the world. We use the expertise of our multinational team to assess the unique risks of your supply chain and advise you on the best course of action to lower those risks.

Moreover, with 20 years of experience, HWI can help you evaluate your supply chain risks and provide you with practical solutions to protect your company.


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We can advise you on the following risks:

  • Auto liability
  • Bailee and property of others
  • Brand protection
  • Business income/extra expense
  • Cargo liability
  • Contingent business interruption
  • Executive liability
  • Extortion and war risks coverage
  • First- and third-party recall coverage
  • General liability
  • Government seizure of plants or products
  • Ocean cargo and transit coverage
  • Product tampering and contamination
  • Products liability
  • Real and personal property
  • Warehouse legal liability

Contingent Business Interruption

Contingent business interruption insurance protects from business interruption when the logistics system fails due to a covered cause or loss. This applies to manufacturers and retailers who supply products worldwide. If you use just-in-time supply systems, any disruption to your supply chain can cause a significant loss.

Furthermore, suppose that you have to shut down your facilities or source your materials elsewhere due to a decline in supplies. As a result of this, the acquisition costs of the sourced materials you need to continue operating will increase.

Insurance against interruption losses

It’s important to be aware that many companies do not realize you can insure against interruption losses caused by third-party facilities.

The team at HWI can advise you on this type of insurance coverage and provide valuable advice to the risk management of disruption in your supply or distribution chain.

Benefits of working with HWI

Global network

International Network

HWI has offices across the globe; this gives us an advantage in understanding insurance requirements in other regions. Each country has different laws and regulations, as well as varying levels of risk. Our global presence means we can meet all of your insurance needs, no matter where you are in the world.

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20+ years of experience

Our people are passionate about what they do and work together as a team – we bring you the expertise of 20 years of experience in Supply Chain Risk Management.

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