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International Insurance Programs

Multinational Clients

Global Insurance Programs for Multinational Risks

HWI are an experienced provider of international insurance programs. We understand the importance of having an experienced, full-service insurance partner to assist you with your international insurance needs.

Our privately owned network of international offices have a broad depth of experience in placing risk from start-ups to complex multinational organizations in many industries.

A coordinated insurance program

Globalization and advanced technology allow businesses between different countries to connect more than ever before. However, different rules and regulations per country allow for greater exposure to different risks. Different regulations could mean that your international business locations are underinsured.

A global insurance program can extend your insurance to international locations. It also means you have a single point of contact who negotiates with insurance carriers and provides support throughout, from risk analysis to claims management.

However, complex international transactions and diverse working environments require a tailored approach to risk management. HWI’s dynamic network of expert brokers can help your business obtain an international policy, and provide services ranging from policy applications to claims management.

With the help of our international offices and partner network, we can provide tailored local insurance solutions.

Global or local insurance placements

Moreover, our team has experience providing comprehensive risk coverage to organizations operating worldwide. We can provide coverage for all lines as either part of a globally placed program or with coordinated local placements in the country of domicile.

We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive range of insurance products and programs and maintaining and enhancing our services to meet your individual needs.

Benefits of working with HWI

Global network

International network

Our owned and partner network provides a tailored level of service globally with an eye on the importance of local relationships.

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We are a strong, experienced team with over 50 years in handling large to small global clients' needs. Moreover, our team has experience providing comprehensive risk coverage to organizations operating worldwide.

International cooperation


We work in synergy to provide your organization with single cohesive insurance solutions rather than working as autonomous offices.

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