Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Insurance for Dealers & Makers

If you are a musical instrument dealer or maker, HWI can help you protect your business from the unexpected with musical instrument insurance for dealers and makers.

All-risk policy

We offer musical instrument insurance with cover for fire, theft, and water damage. Additionally, our competitive all-risk policy provides cover for musical instruments while on-premises, during transit, and offers worldwide coverage for loss of value due to accidental damage.

Tailored musical instrument coverage

The team at HWI are experts in the field of musical instruments and can create a tailored all-risk policy that is specific to the risk exposure of your musical instruments business. Moreover, we will provide you with unequalled protection for your musical instruments.


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Why work with HWI?

20+ years experience

HWI Fine Art team members worldwide have been writing Musical Instrument Dealers and Makers globally for well over twenty years.

Industry expertise

We understand the importance of structuring a policy to meet our clients’ needs and provide policies that are suitable whether you are a Musical Instrument Dealer or Maker.

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