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Marine Claims


Marine Claims Service

The HWI marine claims team is composed of seasoned marine claims professionals, including both an in-house maritime attorney and a certified senior average adjuster.

By using our legal and industry experience, we can walk you through the marine claims process from first notice of loss through to claim settlement, ensuring a smooth and efficient claims process throughout.

We are here to assist you, and we will respond to any claims-related questions and provide detailed explanations to help guide you through what can be unfamiliar territory. We are well versed in handling complex claims issues and navigating claims that involve potentially complicated coverage issues.

Our expertise and industry knowledge allows us to advocate for the best result on behalf of your business.

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Expertise and industry knowledge of our claims team

The marine industry is a unique industry that requires a niche understanding of your business’ operations and the marine insurance market. Our claims staff will be able to help you in these two areas. It has the depth and breadth of knowledge to solve problems and help you accomplish your goals.

Our in-house maritime attorney has practiced maritime law at a private firm and served as both coverage counsel and a marine insurance claims manager at a major insurance company.

This experience, combined with our on-staff Senior Average Adjuster creates a winning combination for your business.

If you have any enquiries, simply contact our Claims Team

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