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Marine cargo insurance provides cover against physical loss or damage to goods (raw materials, semi-finished or finished) being transported globally (by sea, road, rail or air) and can also cover goods in storage at owned or leased premises.

Stock throughput policy

A stock throughput policy is designed to provide seamless coverage of your inventory risks. This type of policy combines cargo insurance and provides seamless coverage for all your inventory risks.
Additional coverages can also include various Contingent exposures, Terrorism and Refrigeration Breakdown coverage for temperature-sensitive products.


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We can assist you with the following:

  • Worldwide Cargo Coverage
  • Project Cargo/ Marine Business Interruption
  • Global Stock Throughput

Experience in a wide range of industries

  • Commodities
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer goods
  • Food products
  • Steel and metals

We keep up to date with the latest industry trends, providing you with the best possible coverage for your business.

Why work with us?

Distribution channels

We have expertise across all distribution channels, including multinationals, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and exporters.


We work with your organisation to design a flexible and comprehensive insurance program that fits your specific needs.

Global network

We have the ability to write insurance programmes with London markets as well as with global underwriters.