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Musical Instrument Insurance for Orchestras

We offer a bespoke service which means that we can design a policy to suit your own needs, discounts can also be provided for any excess and territorial restrictions to the cover, for example Europe only.

As each Orchestral policy is treated as bespoke, the rating and any applicable discounts will be specially designed for you.

We can also provide a valuation service for your orchestra at no additional cost. If this is of interest please do not hesitate to ask.

This policy offers world wide cover as standard which includes insurance for instruments belonging to both the Orchestras and the musicians. The coverage also includes personal use, not just with the Orchestra.


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All risks cover, which includes:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Flood
  • Loss
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss of value following accidents
orchestra package

As part of the orchestra package we also offer, at no additional cost:

  • Unattended vehicles cover – whilst instruments are in transit with the orchestra
  • Reasonable cost incurred whilst transporting instruments to secure storage – in the event of a claim
  • Travel expenses in the event of a claim – up to a value of GBP1,000 (or currency equivalent)
  • Short term insurances – up to a value of GBP25,000 (or currency equivalent) for up to one month during the policy period
  • Earthquake cover
  • Climatic coverage
  • New possessions cover – up to 25% of the Sum Insured, in other words, you can add instruments frequently without the need to notify us immediately, this can be provided on a quarterly basis.
  • Free valuation service – for the Orchestra and for the Musicians.

What our clients have said

Very fine to have a serious/professional alternative and much better conditions made it easy for us to change. Very nice to hear that other orchestras also have found it convenient to use Woods (as their insurance company).
Michiel Westhof - Orchestra Manager of Stiftelsen Musikkelskapet Harmonien
We are happy to recommend your services at H W Wood Limited to any orchestra on the lookout to find an instrument insurance policy best suited for them.
Dagfinn Krogsrud- Orchestral manager of Trondheim Symphony Orchestra & Opera
With H W Wood we have found a better insurance solution for our Musical Instruments than any of our previous insurances, lower premiums and better conditions — what’s not to like?
Tine Damsgaard Sorensen - Administrative Producer of the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra
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