Musicians Insurance

Musicians Insurance

Musical Instrument Insurance for Collectors & Musicians

Musicians Insurance

All-risk musical instrument insurance from HWI protects your investment against loss or damage on your premises or in transit worldwide. It provides coverage for various musical instruments, including professional, rare and antique instruments, at home or while travelling.

Musical instruments are an important part of many people’s lives. Whether you play in an orchestra, a band, or just for the fun of it, your instrument is valuable to you and needs protection.

There is no need to worry when it comes to protecting your musical instruments. We insure all types of musical instruments, including stringed instruments, woodwinds and brass, keyboard instruments (pianos), percussion instruments, and guitars.


All risks cover, which includes:

  • Fire, theft, flood, loss, accidental damage and loss of value following accidents
  • Coverage automatically included whilst on tour and at school or college
  • Climatic coverage – available on request
  • Hire charges for up to 25% of the value of the item, or GBP5,000 maximum (or currency equivalent) in the event of a claim
  • Hired Instruments up to a maximum value of GBP20,000, or currency equivalent) for up to 60 days hire
  • Cover for losses from unattended vehicles – whilst on a rest stop, for any value up to GBP500,000 (or currency equivalent) at no additional cost, should you need insurance coverage for your instrument in a car
  • Earthquake coverage – at no additional cost (outside the UK, subject to certain country restrictions)
  • No premium loading for any use by under 16’s
  • Short term coverage for up to one month – during your policy period at no additional cost, up to a value of GBP25,000 (or currency equivalent), prior notification would be required to allow you to try instruments with a view to buy
  • Reasonable cost incurred whilst transporting instruments for secure storage, up to 20% of the Total Sum Insured, should something happen to your premises
  • Special premium for retired musicians – designed to better suit your own circumstances


If you’re a collector we will bespoke a policy just for you with our specially-agreed rates.

Cover is also available for loss and accidental damage by customs or other government officials (available to buyback).

Why work with HWI?

30+ years of Experience

HWI have over 30 years of experience, guaranteeing a wealth of knowledge, enabling us to provide bespoke insurances

Top Quality Service

We offer top quality insurance advice and have over 20 years of knowledge, which makes us highly experienced in this area and enables us to offer competitive premiums and bespoke policies

In-house Claims Management

We provide a personal and efficient management of your claims. Claims are processed quickly and easily with quality advice and any cash settlements handled in your own currency

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