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HWI is a leading insurance broker in providing insurance solutions for the numismatic trade worldwide. Our team consists of professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of numismatics. We offer insurance to specialty dealers, wholesalers, and auctioneers.

As a professional dealer of coins, numismatics, or paper money, you are continually exposed to risks. The collectibles that you handle may not always be covered under traditional commercial property or casualty policies. Most standard policies contain exclusions or deductibles for fine art, artefacts, antiquities, coins/paper money, etc.  Therefore, we have developed a special all-risk insurance program to protect your inventory of coins, numismatics, and paper money.

Our coin dealer insurance policies provide coverage against loss or damage, whether you hold your stock on your premises, in bank vaults, on the secure premises of others, while on an exhibition or for off-premises auctions, on your person, and/or in transit (shipping/mailing coverage).


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Coverage of numismatic material

Coverage is provided against loss or damage for stock of numismatic material of every description including but not limited to:
rare coins

  • bullion
  • coins
  • paper currency
  • precious metals and/or scrap metals
  • other items of numismatic interest

Additional collectibles can include bullion, precious or semi-precious stones, jewellery, watches, or similar items, all being part of your inventory/stock property or items for which you are responsible.

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