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As one of the world’s leading collectibles insurance brokers, whatever your passion is; whatever you collect, we are passionate about managing your insurances. We know that we are often helping our clients to protect the irreplaceable.

We offer specialised policies that allow you flexibility in managing your collection. If the worst happens and you suffer a loss, our bases of settlement are in place to work for you.


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Stamp insurance

Our insurance policies are specialist and tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you have just started out or you own a multi-million euro, world-renowned collection, we are able to provide you with expert advice, whatever your circumstances.

Coins, Paper Money & Tokens

We provide insurance for the core of the numismatic world. Our affiliation with the American Numismatic Association shows our profile in this very specialist field. Whatever your collection includes from coins to paper money to tokens, we have a tailor-made policy that fits your requirements.

Medals & Militaria

Whether you keep your collection of medals and militaria at home, in a bank or safety deposit box, we can provide you with an insurance policy that meets your precise needs.

Fine Arts & Antiques

Many homeowner insurance policies are not designed to cater for fine arts and antiques and the first the policyholder knows about this is when they try to claim. Our specialist policies ensure that you have the appropriate cover should the worst happen.

Gold, Bullion & Precious Metals

The collecting of precious or semi-precious metals as a solid form of investment for the future is increasing, however many insurance policies are not designed for this very specialist area. Our policies are and we will ensure that your team can provide you with the information you need to find the best solution for your individual needs.

Wine and Wine Storage

When considering wine and wine storage, there are a number of risks that need to be considered that are usually excluded from standard household insurance products. Our insurances provide full and appropriate cover.

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