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Wine Collection Insurance

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Insurance solutions for your wine collection

HWI can assist you in providing you with the most appropriate insurance solution for your wine collection.

Collecting wine has become an increasingly popular form of investment and involves risks usually excluded in a standard household insurance policy. If you are the proud owner of a wine collection, we advise you to insure your collection under a separate insurance policy in the same way as you would insure fine art or your jewellery.


When do I need to take out a separate wine insurance policy?

You don’t need to have a serious wine collection to take out a separate policy. Even that one high-value bottle that you have lying around may be worth insuring because your household policy may not cover it.

If you store your wine collection in an external facility that offers insurance, it is also better to take out additional insurance.

We can offer the following insurance:

  • all-risk policy
  • worldwide coverage, including transit
  • physical damage from hazards such as fire, flood and earthquake
  • theft
  • accidental damage
  • damage as a result of failing climate control

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