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Are you a broadcaster, producer, or studio in need of insurance? HWI Australia specialises in insurance for broadcasters and producers.

Broadcaster insurance is a type of professional media liability insurance coverage that specialises in protecting broadcasters, such as television and radio stations, against liability risks. There are many types of media liabilities, and the policies available are limited to the specific needs of a broadcaster.

We understand that you work with some pretty sensitive material, so can offer prompt response and attention to your needs.

HWI offers comprehensive coverage for broadcasters, film producers, and other media professionals to protect your business from the risks you face in the course of your work.


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Media Liability Insurance

Media Liability Insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions, protects your business from liability if your broadcast or publication is accused of libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, trademark infringement, trade name, copyright infringement, plagiarism or false arrest.

This type of insurance is for small or large broadcasters. It protects against most liabilities that arise from media productions, such as negligence and intellectual property infringement, as well as breach of confidentiality and more.

Do Small Broadcasters need liability insurance?

Yes. As a small broadcaster, you may think you don’t need insurance.  However, imagine the following scenario. You’ve created and invested in a fantastic video, and it’s getting thousands of views. Suddenly, your video is taken down because you used music without permission. What do you do? If this sounds like an all-too-common situation for you, you should get media liability coverage. It protects you from any negligence or intellectual property infringement issues that might arise and gives you peace of mind to create more content.

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